Dr. Karen Buttar DDS

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Karen Buttar is committed to providing excellence in dentistry, and stands out as a leading dentist in Rochester. The doctor uses the latest in dentistry techniques to provide you with a beautiful and healthy smile. Additionally, Karen Buttar believes strongly in education to prevent oral health problems before they occur, and makes sure to keep patients fully informed about their dental health. Read more about Rochester, MN dentist Karen Buttar below.



Dr. Karen Buttar, DMD, PLC

Dr. Karen Buttar is a graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.  She has enjoyed practicing in the dental field for approximately eighteen years.   Dr. Buttar is married, and has two children.  Outside of dentistry, she enjoys reading, traveling, and playing tennis.












Dr. Buttar understands that some children may feel anxious about visiting the dentist, and she makes every effort to make them feel comfortable and relaxed!